How to sew wide bottom elastic with clean finish

Design feature or hidden support?

Wide bottom elastic is truly 2 in 1!


I don´t need more reasons to use it in my bralette.


Bralette with wide bottom band


I already mentioned this solution as one of three ways to adding your bralette support.


But I really don´t like it when I have the whole bralette with nice enclosed seams and then one exposed and not a really clean one.

Do you agree?


I will show you my way of applying it to keep a nice, clean finish.


let's dive in!


Step 1:

Mark the real-size pattern (remove seam allowances on your pattern), if you are not using the Forme bralette pattern.

The Forme bralette pattern comes with the real size line,

which makes reading seam allowances really easy,

but on top of that, it's really useful for pattern hacking!

 Mark the real size line


Step 2:

Change the bottom seam allowance to 20mm.

If you need more detailed information go to your Forme bralette instructions and reach chapter 7.1 - Change the width of the bottom elastic.


 Chnge SA


Step 3:

Sew the whole bralette and skip step 5.5.1 - A bottom edge.

Instead, sew the wide-band using the same technique as picot elastic but on the reverse side.


First, place the bralette to the sewing machine facing inside up,  then place a wide elastic band on top facing outside up.

Sew the first row of zig-zag stitch 10mm from the edge.

Sewing wide bottom elastic


Step 4:

Cut off seam allowances.

Cut seam allowances


Step 5:

Then turn the bralette to the right side up and sew the second pass on the edge of the elastic band.

 Sew the second row


You are done!


Some close-ups so you can see results better. 

Detail from the inner side Detail from the outside


Do you believe now that it´s doable even without overlock?

Note: This method is not very suitable for bulky fabrics.


Bralette with wide bottom elastic and clean finish without overlock



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