How to sew wide bottom elastic with clean finish

Design feature or hidden support?

Wide bottom elastic is truly 2 in 1!


I don´t need more reasons to use it in my bralette.


Bralette with wide bottom band


I already mentioned this solution as one of three ways to adding your bralette support.


But I really don´t like it when I have the whole bralette with nice enclosed seams and then one exposed and not a really clean one.

Do you agree?


You can always attach the wide band elastic in a similar way as a picot elastic by attaching the elastic with one row of zig-zag stitches, flipping, and sewing another. 


Finished result looks like that.


Detail from the inner side Detail from the outside


Are you interested to see step by step method? Check out complete guide.


Do you believe now that it´s doable even without overlock?

Note: This method is not very suitable for bulky fabrics.


Bralette with wide bottom elastic and clean finish without overlock




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