3 ways how to add support to a bralette

You made a bralette and now you are wondering:

Is there any way to improve its support?

Of course, it is!



So, what can you do?


tip no. 1

Use wide underbust elastic

The width of the bottom band elastic affects the support for sure!

Wider elastic is usually improves both - the support and comfort! 


That's why I always use a wider picot elastic for the bottom edge. 

I usually go for 15 or 20 mm picot elastic, but you can go even further.

Here I used 50 mm wide satin elastic.


Just make sure your elastic is stable and soft enough :) 


Learn, how to apply it with an enclosed seam here.


How to add support to your bralette? Use wide underbust elastic! 


tip no. 2

Use stronger lining

Used materials matter!

And lining material is one of the most important factors.


Use more stable lining with a lower amount of stretch and recovery.

 What is the most often used material to make a supportive bralette?



But you can use other materials too.

I had good results with the marquisette (really soft fabric with one way stretch)
or a one-way stretch bra tulle



tip no. 3

Rise center front

Yes, all these bralettes with cute tiny front closure are adorable.

But it doesn´t work so well on larger sizes. I am sorry.


That means that any type of connection between your cups will improve the support. 

There is a simple rule:

The higher front, the more support!

But you can read more in-depth about it here. 

How to add support to your bralette? Raise the centre front!



These really simple tips considering fabric and elastic choices and pattern adjustment
will help to improve your support for any bralette you make.  

You can use just one of them or combine them all at once!

It's just up to you :)


And up the design choice or the required support.

Sometimes the design process goes for the less support and more pretty - and that's okay too!


Just make sure you are starting with a well-fitting pattern or try a custom-fitted bralette.



...but, did you know you can make a supportive bralette with front closure?




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