Hack: How to make a front closure bralette for larger cups

Being above a D cup is frustrating when its about bralettes. And it doubles with front closure!


Being above a D cup can be really frustrating when its about bralettes.

Choosing all the beautiful laces shrinks to neverending hunting for enough support

And all this trouble doubles when you try to make a cute front closure bralette.


Sounds familiar?

Front closure bralette 


The truth is:

Making the front closure bralette that works even for larger breasts is hard.


Your bra needs some structural integrity and foundation to work the way you want.


If you remove a huge amount of fabric from the middle of your bra,

and keep just the bottom band,

it will affect the fit and you will lose the support. 


That's why I want to share with you a tutorial about
how to add a front closure to a bralette pattern without losing support


Supportive bralette with front closure hack


Start with a good fitting bralette pattern that gives you enough support.


I will show you all steps on my made to measure Forme bralette pattern,

but you can use any pattern that meets at the center front over some height. 


 I will show you step by step tutorial how to make a front closure bralette

using two or more G hooks or front closures


Front closure bralette pattern with two G hooksSupportive front closure bralette with three G hooks


Basic style using two G hooks to bring inner cups together at the bottom and at the top of the center front (left).

Front closure bralette with three G hooks (right). This style will give you more support as well as some interesting detail at the front.


supplies needed

(on the top of the bralette supply list)

G hook or front closure  - 2 or 3 pcs 

Short straps fitting hooks width - 4 x 3 cm (∼ 1,25 inch) or 6 x 3 cm (∼ 1,25 inch) 

Channeling - 2 x 10 cm (∼ 4 inches)


 Pattern adjustment

You need to adjust the pattern pieces a bit. You need to remove the width of your front closure from between the cups.


Step 1: Measure the width of the closure (example 15 mm)

Step 2: Divide it by 2 (example 15 mm / 2 = 7,5 mm)

Step 3: Measure this amount from the center front seam line and mark it (7,5 mm)

Step 4: Make a parallel line to the center front seamline going through this point

Step 5: Add 6 mm seam allowance

That's all! It's simple as that. 


Measure width of front closureMove seamlineAdd seam allowance




Sew the whole bralette, as usual, apply the elastics and leave only the center front unfinished.


Grab two (or three) short straps and pin them right sides together on the center front.

You can secure elastics by sewing along the center front edge with a 6mm seam allowance. 

 Front closure bralette step 1


Grab the channeling and place it plush side up along the center front edge.

Align the inner edge of the channeling over the seamline
(that means that the width of the channeling will be slightly wider than the seam allowance)

Front closure bralette step 2


Sew the inner edge of the channeling in place.

Front closure bralette step 3


Be careful with placing the channeling.

You want to meet the picot elastic, the strap elastic and the channeling at one point creating a nice corner.

 Front closure bralette step 4


Trim off the excess seam allowance.


Fold the channeling under and insert G hooks on strap elastic tails. 

Front closure bralette step 5


Fold strap elastics under as tight as possible. 

I recommend G hooks to face down so it doesn't unhook accidentally.

 Sew the channeling and the straps in place. 

 Front closure bralette step 6


Repeat on the other side.

Use the pins or marks so the straps are in the same position and the whole front looks symmetrical.

 Front closure bralette step 7


And you are done!

Front closure detail

You finished a bralette with the front closure that has as much support as the original!


 Supportive front closure bralette pattern adjustment


Did you make a bralette using this tutorial?

Let me know ♥

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