Complete guide to sewing bralette including troubleshooting

Do you want to learn how to sew a bralette?
This e-book is perfect for you!

Complete guide perfect for beginners!

 Do you want to dive into bramaking?

  Do you want all details about constructing a bralette? 




This guide will learn you how to sew a simple bralette with vertical seams.

 You will learn basics that will help you dive deeper into bra-making and set solid foundations.

 I will catch you if something goes wrong - just find a troubleshooting page.

 This e-book will guide you through the all process of making a bralette!



750 Kč ~ 29 € ~ 35 USD*

*Disclaimer: This is just a rough estimation. Bratobe cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates displayed. This exchange rate is from 07/11/2021

Brand: Bratobe
750 Kč
Category: Beginners


You will learn about:

• needed materials

• sewing machine set up for stretch fabrics

• whole sewing of Forme bralette including some variations

• troubleshooting guide and how to solve your problems

• most common adjustments to your pattern

• how to change the design of your bralette


Large colorful photos and illustrations are used to describe all used techniques.


Buy this guide together with a custom drafted bralette pattern for a better price

and complete your bralette sewing experience by perfect fit


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