DIY: How to make donut and pralines pattern weights

Learn how to make your own pattern weights in the shape of tasty donuts and sweet pralines.       

Pattern weights are perfect help when you are cutting out small lingerie pattern pieces using a rotary cutter so the fabric or the pattern doesn't shift. But they can be fun too!


Materials needed:

Hex nuts (of various shapes)

Fimo (in desired colors)


Sweet pattern weights



Prepare the hex nuts. I used a little taller and smaller for pralines.

Hex nuts for pattern weights

1. If you have a hollow hex nut like me, fill up the center by the mold. Then add a little more mold to the top and smooth it off. Or not. It depends on the style you are making.

2. Take the top color and make a pancake. 

3. Cover the basic shape with the pancake and smooth off any folds and wrinkles appeared.

How to make praline pattern weights

Make a long thin snake from the topping color and apply it to the praline in the desired shape. 

Praline pattern weights

Finally, bake as described in the package of the Fimo. 




Prepare the hex nuts. I used more flat and open hex nuts for donuts.

Hex nut for donut pattern weightFimo pattern weights

Make a thick snake from the mold. Flatten the snake by your fingers and cover the sides of the nut. Then cover the bottom and the top using the same procedure. 

How to cover hex nutCover hex nut by Fimo

Squish the mold together until all joints blend. I bake the base for 10min to stabilize the basic shape. 

Smooth out Fimo surfaceFimo donut basic shape

Glaze: Make a pancake about the same size as the donut. The shape doesn't have to be a perfect circle to look more like a real glaze. Make a middle hole to the topping. Apply it on the top of the donut. 

Topping and sparkles: For the topping start with a thin snake of the desired color. Then you can apply it as is it to make a topping. Or cut it to the small amounts and use it as sparkles. Bake as described on the package.

Fimo sweet pattern weights


Now, when you know how to make your own, what shape would you select? :) 




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