Does the front cup connection affect bralette support?

 The center front has an important role in providing support.



The higher the center front the more stability your bralette has and the more support and security it provides you!

No matter if you aim for a cute lounge-bra, night-time sleep bra, or an all-day bralette.



Maybe you are asking by now,

What makes the difference?


 Bralette with a tall center front


If you have a bralette with a tall center front,

you can have the support that comes from the band and a whole bralette.


The weight of your breasts is evenly distributed,

and the bralette has a better potential to provide you the support and security you aim for.


It's also least probably you will fall off the side of this type of bralette.

And it is easier to provide some type of separation between your breasts.

Pressure transmission over supportive bralette


Bralette without a center front connection


If you remove the connection between the cups completely, 

all the support will come exclusively from your bottom band.


You can´t expect any type of "push together" effect if you are a wider set. 

You may fall off the center front of your bralette, especially when lying or moving around.


So if you want to make the garment sexier and maintain some support,

I recommend switching to a wide bottom elastic

and (or) maintain at least some cup connection

 Pressure transmission over triangle bralette


Purpose of the center connection

• Ability to push the breasts closer together

• Receiving the support from the whole bralette, not just the bottom band

• No center front boobs escaping

• Can offer some amount of separation




 How to rise centre front on your bralette



 Pattern adjustment


If you want to add stability to your soft bra, you may want to add a little more coverage.


You will need to adjust the inner cup piece only.

Lengthen the center front line using a ruler and mark the amount you want to add.

It's best to measure this amount on your already sewn bralette.

I recommend adding a max. 4cm - depends on your size.

Lengthen the CF


Connect this point to the peak of the inner cup.




 Don't forget to repair seam allowances

 Add SA



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