How to use an extender for your bra makes?

Who doesn't love nice color lingerie?

Sew cute lingerie in all nice colors is not always easy.


Imagine the situation

You find lace in the prettiest but quite rare color.

I love to use nude lining so the lace really stands out, there is no problem.

You can also use nude picot elastics inside your bra.

Making the straps in a complementary color can be a really nice feature.

But I really really like the closure matches the lace color.

And I also love to have closure over the pullover style.


Now what?

I guess you try to find closure in a matching color.


From my experience, closures can be found in a quite limited color range.

But I have seen extenders in every single color and shade.

Shall we try to use them?


Let's do that!

It looks like all the hardware is sewn to a single part of the fabric.

Sadly, times, when extender was just closure sewn together are a long time away.

But we can use them anyway!



Materials needed: 

Extender - 1 or 2 pcs

Seam ripper



What to do?

Unrip the first seam next to the hook row.



Take out the eyes



Cut the extender along the seam ripped line into two pieces.


Now you have a hook part and two rows of hook part.



Using this method you will lose one row of hooks.

That means that from the extender with 3 rows of hooks will be a closure with 2 rows of hooks.

If you are okay with it (or you have just one extender by hand), you are done.


If you want closure with more rows

If you want to keep all three rows on hooks you need to seam rip another extender.

Use the hook part from the first extender and we will prepare a new eye part.


This time remove the seam around the hooks. 

Seramrip here


Take out the hooks

Take out hooks


No cutting this time, you are done!



Then sew to your bra as usual!

Bra with extender



I still prefer traditional closure because of the shape of the hooks.

But matching color means more to me.

In any case, be sure to keep the leftover hooks and eyes for the future.

Maybe you can sew your own bra closure with matching fabric next time.
Kat makes has a nice tutorial about that.


If you still can't find any closure/extender in a matching color, what about a front closure?



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