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    a perfectly fitting bra?


    Does bramaking feel overhelming and intimidating?

    Do you feel unmotivated because the last sewing project was a disaster?

    Are you scared of the fitting part of bra making?

    Are you frustrated with making many muslins and tweaking bras until they fit you?


    Or are you just looking for a straightforward, beginners friendly project?


    Try this fast and easy project to cherish your mind and make a comfortable bralette the first time around!




    You will be a confident star nailing your first ever bramaking project!


    You will feel like a queen wearing your handmade bralette all day long!


    You won't be able to wait for the weekend just to sew a new design - the options are endless!



     Try the Forme bralette! 

     You will get bespoke fit

    Pattern drafted and developed to your unique measurements.

    You will get a bespoke fit that respects your natural proportions.


    You will enjoy the whole sewing experience

    Detailed and easy to follow instructions are suitable even for beginners.


    Is the bra sizing confusing to you?

    No problem, I will make all the hard decisions for you!




    What to expect?


    The pattern will be made to fit your unique measurements. There is no size range, I can work with any underbust measurement and up to G cup at the moment.


    Specially developed design to provide support even for larger sizes.

    No monoboob

    The pattern was designed to provide separation.


    It is a soft bra with no wires.

    Asymmetry is normal

    I will draft a pattern for each of your breasts with no additional fee!

    Customer service

    One free change to the pattern.
    If it doesn´t fit like a glove the first time around, we will discuss problems and I will send you a new updated pattern.
    I will not let you down!

    Beginner friendly project. 

    You will receive detailed instructions with photos, sewing tips, and how to troubleshoot and solve the most common problems. 

    PDF format

    That means free and fast shipping!


    You will receive the pattern within two working days in your email, once I construct it for you. All you need is a home printer.


      The pattern is constructed using a thoroughly tested Bratobe drafting method for this type of soft bra which makes you feel comfortable yet supported all day long! Click to read more details about bralette fit.

     I wanted to make this pattern as versatile as possible which makes a great basic pattern. I released tutorials on a different styles options using this pattern including front closure, lace overlay, and removable padding option. This way you can have just one basic pattern and enjoy many different styles with it!

    Here you can find all blog posts related to Forme bralette.


    Measure yourself correctly using this guide. Please, don't forget to attach your measurements in the order note. Or just send me an email with your measurements and your order number to hello@bratobe.com

    *Disclaimer: This is just a rough estimation. Bratobe cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates displayed.

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