Why Forme?

Have you wondered why my pattern is called "Forme"?                          

Because everyone can say:


"Hey, it's drafted FOR ME!"


This bralette is really special that it's drafted to your unique combination of measurements and the result is always the same:

It came in the Size: You. 

And I really wanted the name mirror that uniqueness.


Why I didn't choose some cute girl´s name?

Because my association tells me that it's drafted for the girl, whose name it has.

Obviously, I know it's not a true.


Another hidden word in this name is "Form me"

I know no one wants to be formed by the bra, but rather supported.

Anyway, I really tried to add some support to this bralette so its not just a pretty cover for your breast.

So I find quite cute that it kinda reflects that feature too.





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