Material kits for Forme bralette

You always ask me, if I sell even bra-making kits for my patterns.


Sadly, not at the moment as I don't have enough space to do that.

BUT I want to make your sewing journey as smooth less and enjoyable as possible.


Bramaking kits for Forme bralette

Therefore, I contacted Aneta from and asked her if she can kindly make some bralette kits that will be suitable for Forme bralette pattern.

And she said yes!


She didn't stop at one or two kits, but made three to select from!*



Kits are suitable for Forme bralette but obviously, you can use it for any other soft bra pattern too.


Fialovy set materiálů na šití braletky Tmavě modrý set materiálů


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You can buy kits here!

Let me show you two of them - purple and navy. 



I bought a navy set and Aneta was so kind and send me the purple for free so I can show you both now!

(I can´t guarantee that the sets will be on stock while you read this blog post) 


Violet bralette kit

This violet kit is so fresh, cheerfull, reminds me summer and freedom :)

The kit looks amazing, the colors are so vibrant and I believe that you will feel absolutely wonderfull and happily in this bra!


Nude lining really let the lace shine and show the color and amazing pattern.

Picot elastics are in a lavender color, but its just a small detail for you, it will not be visible from the outside.

All bra complete with deep purple straps and closure for a contrast touch.

 Silver rings and sliders are practical for adjusting straps, but also makes a jewlery feel in your bra :)




Fialový balíček materiálů


Fialový balíček materiálů


Navy bralette kit

Dark blue as a deep night sky glowing in the night with thousands of stars.

The lace is dark, almost black, but shines on light and has a silver thread detail.

Lace is combined with black light powernet and black and navy findings.

Silver rings and sliders perfectly match the theme of the lace.

Buy this, if you want to feel pretty and elegant all day, all year!





 Tmavě modrý balíček materiálů Detail modré krajky


The last set is black with exactly same lace as my navy set. But without blue shine and navy elastics.


Whats included?


Soft Bralette kit includes: 

- 2m navy blue lace 

- 75x50 cm black powernet (suitable for this pattern)

- 1,2 m 16 mm wide black strap elastic 

- 2m 11mm wide navy blue picot elastic 

- 1,5m 15mm wide navt blue picot elastic 

- 0,5 m black underwire channeling 

- 1 set of silver 15mm rings and sliders

- 1 black hook and eye closure

- 3 bows




Buy a set marked as a "BRALETTE" - Aneta carries more sets, some are suitable for wired bras. These as marked as "bra kit". 




I hope you like the sets!

In the future, you may look forward to seeing the finished bralette with these sets.



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