Choose your style: How to make a bralette with lace overlay

Once you have a well-fitting pattern it's time to play with it!


This look is very classic and easy to make,

but the result looks very different.


How to design bralette with lace overlay


Step 1:

Plan your overlay

There is a ton of options, so I drafted just a few!

Design variation 1Design variation 2

Design variation 3Design variation 4


Step 2:

Check the pattern pieces and remove included seam allowances along the upper edge of the bralette.

We will finish the edges with fold-over elastic (often abbreviated as FoE), so we don't have to do any changes to our Forme pattern.

If you are using any other pattern, make sure you don't have included seam allowances along the upper edges.


 Step 3:

Make your overlay pattern pieces


• Mark your overlay to pattern pieces

You may put already made bralette on and use pins to mark your designed style lines.

Take it off and measure the distance from the upper edge on the center front, at strap plain, at the side seam, and closure and transfer to the pattern pieces.

• Connect marked points with a ruler.

• Cut out new overlay pattern pieces along the new lines.


Now you have prepared the overlay pieces for your lace and you are ready to sew!



Your pattern pieces should look something like this

First design

Design variation 1

Lace overlay pattern pieces


Second design

Design variation 2

Lace overlay pattern pieces


Third design

Design variation 3

Lace overlay pattern pieces 3


Fourth design

Design variation 4

Lace overlay pattern pieces 4



Here is my make. I made the design very similar to the fourth design suggestion.


Bralette with lace overlay and foldover elastic edges



Please keep in the mind, the lace adds to the stability of the bralette too!

If you decide to make a huge cut-out, similar to the third example, it may be a good idea to use a more stable lining,

double the lining, or accept different prevention so your bralette doesn't lose shape entirely.


For example, the vertical seam in the mesh part is reinforced with a clear elastic for more durability.


You made your own design and now you need to sew it!

Click here to learn more about sewing fold-over elastic to make your bralette as good as possible!


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