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Can I send you measurements in inches?

Yes! I do accept both - the metrical and imperial measurements. No problem at all!


Suitable for beginners - what does that mean? What sewing level is required?

Instructions cover everything including your sewing machine set up. You still should be familiar with your sewing machine and confident enough to experiment with settings, needles, and materials. If you have already sewn any regular garment, you will be fine!


Is it really made to measure or are there any size ranges?

Every pattern is drafted to your exact measurements. And everybody is at least slightly different. That means that every pattern I made and sell looks different. So there are not any size ranges. Only size YOU!


How can be made to measure pattern so cheap?

Buying a made to measure or custom-fitted pattern can be really expensive. You need to pay a person who sits behind the paper hour by hour. 

I combined two amazing worlds and you can have the best of both! I selected a pattern and optimized it so I can make custom drafts quite fast, but it's still drafted to your unique measurements. Another huge advantage is that it already comes with instructions, which is not very common with custom drafts.

This way I am able to offer you custom made patterns very cheap!


What will happen if it will not fit me?

Firstly I want to tell you I totally understand that fear!

But I truly believe that if you take your time and measure yourself based on my guide it will put you so much closer to the perfect fit than a pattern drafted to standard size and graded out of here.

Then I offer a free consultation and free change to the pattern. That means that you can contact me, we will discuss your problems, you will remeasure while wearing the first version of Forme bralette and I will send you a new pattern for free!


How long boning should I use?

Since everybody is a little different and every pattern I send is a little different is very hard to give a general recommendation. It's very easy to cut boning shorter, but you can't make it any longer. I usually buy boning around 10 cm and cut it to fit my bras and bralettes. While cutting the boning, always use some cheap scissors and not your fabric ones!


How wide lace do I need?

Once again, every pattern I make is different. This truly depends on the geometry of your body and usually on the size of your outer cup piece. That´s why it's so hard for me to give you the exact recommendation. With "standard size range" you should be okay with a lace wide 16-20 cm.

My philosophy is to make a pattern for a good fit and then use a favorite lace and figure out how to make it work. For that reason, I am including a solution "when your lace is too narrow" as a part of the instructions. Another solution is to make only a partial lace overlay as shown in this tutorial.


Can I make a Forme bralette with foam?

This depends if you want removable padding or sewn in.

 In the instruction is mentioned how to sew an opening and what changes are needed to make to afford your bralette removable padding. Then you can use pre-molded removable padding or you can sew your own cup from the cut-and-sew foam.

 Another variation with fully sew-in foam cups is not covered. The adjustments needed are very similar to switching to the powernet (which is included in the instructions). You may need to experiment a bit with this version.


Where I can find materials?

There are many bra-making suppliers! You can buy a bralette kit from your favorite supplier. Usually, you need to supplement it with a piece of channeling and the wide bottom band elastic. Please, check the kit content with materials requirements to ensure you have all you need by hand. carries kits suitable for Forme bralette. You can buy them here as bralette kits.


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